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Congrats to the D1 - 10 Win Wonders
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Jan 17 Prognosticator: Prognosticator pads stellar resume. D9 match marks the rise of the Outsiders.
Better matches are on the horizon, as the Top 6 / Bottom 6 looms. For those of you still making up matches, make it quick – you have less than a week. Last Week’s Match of the Week: D3: Lehigh 1 (8-1) @ Chester Valley (7-2). Prediction: 3-1 Lehigh. Actual Result: Solid B+. 2-2 Lehigh win, but they were never in that much danger. They won 8 of 12 sets and 19 more games. Had they won one of two tie-breakers on Court 4, they’d have gotten all three points. Classic 7-5, 7-6. 6-3 Lehigh win on Court 1 in a battle that will have both teams circling a rematch in the 2nd half of the season. That war will likely continue in D2 next year, though Chester Valley currently sits in fourth place, so it’s not a sure thing. Will Poletti quit paddle if he has to spend another year in D3? Jan 17: Match of the Week: In D1, its #1 vs. #2. Still doesn’t sway the Prognosticator in his crusade to tout the common man. Let those guys hit their ginzu drop shots. Nay, instead, we turn to the other end of the spectrum: D9: Lehigh 2 (1st place, 10-0) @ White Manor 1 (8-2, 2nd place). These two clubs at the edges of the league, with only three teams between them, but they are making a mark. It’s only White Manor’s 3rd year and the league, and they finally look ready to move up out of D9. Lehigh is in its 2nd year. Last year, Lehigh 1 double jumped from D5 to D3, and is headed to D2 next year. Lehigh 2 is making a bid to double jump from D9 to D7. This week represents the likely last chance for anyone to thwart those double jump plans. And if anyone is going to do it, it’s White Manor. However, the Prognisticator is a little stumped, considering White Manor appears to have listed its entire club membership, including dishwashers and the caddy master on the website. The last time the two faced off, 1.Adams/Warrick (L) over Smith/Logue 0-2-1 2.Chihocki/Johnson (L) over Smith/Weintraub 6-7, 6-2, 7-5 3.Janis/Talsania (L) over Green/Pinola 0-2-0 4.Arena/King (WM) over Enea/Leonzi 6-1, 3-6, 7-6 It looked as though White Manor was at full strength for that match, but who knows what cooks and busboys lurk in the roster to tip the scales. On the flip side, will Lehigh be able to bring high-rated ringer Scott Warrick back this time? Will Sam Borelli, the Lehigh regular who missed the last battle be able to make the trip this time? Prediction: We see Lehigh winning again, with White Manor is looking to improve from their first match up where they won a court, and came close on court 2. Prediction: Another 3-1 Lehigh. Updated Double Double Jump Jump Eligibility: (5 teams). Kennett may not like Picket Post very much after this week: • D5: Manuf. 2 (10-0, 36-4 in sets) vs. Phila Country 3 (4-6). This could be rough. • D6: Merion 3 (10-0, 35-3) vs. Whitford 3 (0-10). AHH! MY EYES!!! • D7: Picket Post 5 (10-0, 35-5) vs. Kennett 5 (4-6) Be afraid Kennett. • D8: Picket Post 6 (10-0, 34-6) vs. Kennett 6 (2-8). Be even more afraid other Kennett. • D9: Lehigh 2 (10-0, 38-2) vs. White Manor 1 (8-2) Ok, now we’re talking.
Jan 10 Prognosticator: D3 showdown in the Northern/Western suburban hinterlands looms
It’s moving day/week as teams settle into their Top 6 / Bottom 6 slots and the desperation to stay in contention for moving up or down in their Divisions intensifies. Dec 17 Match of the Week: D6 Kennett (0-8) vs. Whitford (0-8). Prediction: Whitford 2-2 in courts. Actual Result: D+. Kennett wins all four courts. To be fair, Kennett rolled out three first-timers on D6 (all legit) in Larry Rasero, John Haney and Kevin House. That makes handicapping difficult. Apparently some strong talent lies in the witness protection program of Mushroom Country Jan 3: Match of the Week: D3: Lehigh 1(1st place, 8-1) @ Chester Valley 1 (7-2, 3rd place). Critical match for CV as they cling to 3rd place and clamor to try to get pro Justin Polietti (who is 18-2 in the last two years and is the 2nd highest rated player to have played in D3 this year) back to a respectable division in 2019/20. Lehigh 1 is on a mission from God. In just their second year, they are 26-1 after having double jumped from D5 last year. Chester Valley is on a similar trajectory. They are 51-6 in the last four years, having moved up from D7 to D6 in 2014-2015, then going 16-0 to double jump from D6 to D4, then going 16-0 again last year, narrowly losing a playoff to Deerfield to double jump to D2, instead settling for D3. Neither of these teams is used to losing much. The teams boast elite Court 1s, after which they experience a bit of a drop off. Here’s to hoping we see a Poletti (11.6) – Peter App (26,5) vs. Tim Spinosa (16.6) and Ari Datta (18.3) Court 1 battle. Spinosa has never lost a SET in two years of MAPTA play, going 20-0 and 60-0 in sets. Peter – hope you are ready to see a lot of balls your way. That quiet cheering sound you hear is D3 Court 1 players all over the Region celebrating the prospect of these elite pro’s moving out of the way next year. CV is coming off a disappointing drubbing from Conestoga, but that was without their 2nd best player – Phil Hahn, whom they hope to have back this week. If he is, Lord only knows where he’ll play. The Chameleon has won on Courts 1, 2 and 3 this year with four different partners. Could be a tight match, especially with the tilt scheduled to take place in Chester Valley. But in the end, Lehigh seems a little deeper on the lower courts. The Prognosticator predicts a 3-1 Lehigh win. Updated Double Mint Fun Double Jump Eligibility: (5 teams alive), including confidence that they’ll stay undefeated: • D5: Manufacturers 2 (9-0, 33-3 in sets) vs. Picket Post 4 3 (3-6). 85% • D6: Merion 3 (9-0, 33-3) vs. Concord 2 (8-1). 50.01% • D7: Picket Post 5 (9-0, 31-5) vs. Philly Cricket 7 (3-6) 85% • D8: Picket Post 6 (9-0, 31-5) vs. Radley Run 5 (5-4). 70% • D9: Lehigh 2 (9-0, 34-2) vs. Martins Dam 7 (5-4) 70%
Team Points Weeks
Wallingford 1 29 11/11
Waynesborough 1 28 11/11
Philadelphia Cricket 1 23 11/11
Merion 1 20 11/11
Picket Post 1 18 11/11
Philadelphia Country 1 17 11/11
Bottom 6
Conestoga 1 17 11/11
Martins Dam 1 13 11/11
Radley Run 1 12 11/11
Huntingdon Valley 1 11 11/11
Concord 1 6 11/11
Wilmington 1 1 11/11

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