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|  Mar 16, 2018
|  Keith Studnick
D1 Champions Since 2000
|  Feb 28, 2018
|  Keith Studnick
Congrats to the D1 - 10 Win Wonders
|  Oct 03, 2017
|  Keith Studnick
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|  Mar 31, 2017
|  Keith Studnick
D1 Total Team Points over last 9 and 3 years
|  Feb 21, 2017
|  Keith Studnick
Congrats to the D1 - 10 Win Wonders
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Waynesborough Retains the D1 Championship Title
In an unexpectedly warm evening, Waynesborough and Wallingford battled it out in the finals of the D1 championships. Wallingford was looking to dethrone the Champions from last season as well as revenge their two earlier losses this season. The teams both finished well ahead of the pack at the end of the regular season to earn the #1 and #2 seeds for the tournament. The night prior, Wallingford defeated Picket Post to earn their championship ticket while Waynesborough defeated Philadelphia Cricket Club pitting the two best teams in the league for the finals. Waynesborough kept their line-up from the prior night but Wallingford was able to get the services of Loomy and Dusty to put on court 2 as they were missing from action for their semi-final match. The crowd arrived early as all 4 courts begun at 7:30PM with LaCabra’s Hipster Catnip already chilled and ready to go on the outdoor deck at Waynesborough Country Club. The crowd and players were also able to dine on some awesome pizza from Spatola’s to soak up some of that American IPA as well. To everyone’s surprise the first off the court with a victory was Waynesborough’s Court 4 team of Tony Parisi and Geoff Veale as they won the first 2 sets before dropping the 3rd set to Steve Reiniger and Ken “Woodward” Crowther. Next off the court was Waynesborough’s court 3 duo of Keith Studnick and Hank Oberly. They too secured a victory from Ed Hughes and Mike Furman. Keith and Hank also picked picked up the first two sets in a back and forth battle but Hughes and Furman were able to pick up the third set, giving Waynesborough a 2-court advantage. All eyes were now set on Court 2 which featured Waynesborough’s Scotty Safford and Doug Morrow taking on Geremy Loomis and Dusty Nelson. Loomy and Dusty came out of the starting gate hot and was able to secure the first set while Scotty and Doug stormed back to take the second set. Scotty and Doug jumped out to a 5 -1 third set lead and after losing two Championship Points, secured the win 6-2. The celebration began as the six Waynesborough players headed over to tell their Court 1 teammates Tim McAvoy and Vlatko Najdek of their three court victory as they were getting back on the court after splitting sets with Captain Mike McGrath and Jeff “Monkey Lamps” Shrager. Congratulations to Captain Beers and his squad for retaining their Championship form and their successful regular season campaign in which they only lost one match. Also, Congrats to Wallingford who clearly is always going be the team to beat as they pulled away from the pack early in the regular season and kept that spread throughout. Special thanks go out to MAPTA for supplying the food, beer, and balls. Waynesborough for allowing us to use their facility for both the semi-finals and finals. LaCabra for the Hipster Catnip and Spatola’s for delivering 30 pizzas for the players and fans alike. Also, when you get a chance, please thank your fellow MMWAARC member as this was an extremely challenging season with the installation of the player ratings and the impact it had on line-ups amongst other issues. The Men’s Philadelphia Paddle league will be seen as one of the Pioneers in the support of the paddle ratings and many changes were made throughout the season as we found anomalies with the system. Next year the APTA will be forming a Paddle Rating Committee and a member of the MMWAARC will sit on the initial committee to provide feedback and input for future changes. Starting next year, most Paddle Leagues around the country will be using Paddle Ratings to run their league and we fully expect tournaments to be run locally and nationally which will take Paddle Ratings into eligibility for the events. Photo (T-B, L-R) Tim McAvoy, Hank Oberly, Scotty Safford, Vlatko Najdek, Doug Morrow, (B) Paul Ridder, Geoff Veale, Captain Steve Beers, Keith Studnick (Missing from Photo) Tom Safford, Mark "Crappy" Ray
Super B and Super C - Results to be posted in Tournament Section Soon!
It was a perfect cloudy paddle day on February 23 for the 2019 Mens MAPTA Super B and Super C tournament. This year’s field was very strong in both flights with many close scores and tight matches. The Super B had the 4th seeds from Radley Run, Gary Kemeny and Barry Cahill defeat the unseeded team Connor Kindig, Kennett and Logan Moore, Greenville in a tense 3 setter. We had an unseeded team capture the C crown as Jon Duffy, Waynesborough and John Grove, Chester Valley teamed up to take down 2nd seeds from Martins Dam, Josh Hilbert and Drew Meyers. Thank you to the hut captains, Darren Schwandt and Steve Nycum and to tournament director Andrew Pogonyi. Consolation results: Super B Consolation: Lonnie Adams, Deerfield and Evan Niemkiewicz, Radley Consolation Reprieve: Goeff Forcino, Waynesboro and Keith Rolfe, Chester Valley Quarters Reprieve: Jack Appicciafuocco, Chester Valley and Ross David, Waynesboro Super C Consolation: John Nikolson, Greenville and John Sullivan, Greenville Consolation Reprieve: Andrew Harobin, Mannys and Brandon Moore, Mannys Quarters Reprieve: Drew Holzapfel, Martins Dam and Joe Kelly, Martins Dam
Team Points Weeks
Aronimink 1 0 0/0
Conestoga 1 0 0/0
Huntingdon Valley 1 0 0/0
Manufacturers 1 0 0/0
Martins Dam 1 0 0/0
Merion 1 0 0/0
Philadelphia Country 1 0 0/0
Philadelphia Cricket 1 0 0/0
Picket Post 1 0 0/0
Radley Run 1 0 0/0
Wallingford 1 0 0/0
Waynesborough 1 0 0/0

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