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D1 Champions Since 2000
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Congrats to the D1 - 10 Win Wonders
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D1 Total Team Points over last 9 and 3 years
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Congrats to the D1 - 10 Win Wonders
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Feb 20 Progosticator: It's a late season picks BONANZA!
Hopefully some of you older paddlers get the picture reference. The Prognisticator puts himself (herself? You can never tell) out there this week with five, count ‘em FIVE picks predictions – all of them nail-biters. Only the Prognosticator is brave enough to take this chance. Revel in my glory. Two weeks left and all hell is about to break loose: -First off, the Prognosticator’s private investigator has installed a Ring camera in a hidden corner of the MWAARCXTLWV (whatever) palatial clubhouse and the temperatures are running hot in there. Apparently teams are getting a little . . . aggressive with their lineups as the pressure of the last few weeks mount. It appears it might be good to remember any time you are putting someone on a lineup who has played 5+ matches at a better level, you should tread carefully, and definitely get pre-clearance. -Second, there are still some makeup matches to be played, complicating the calculations of who might be going up or down -Finally, check out the weather forecast for Wednesday of this week – we might be in for another snowmageddon, bringing with it some possible 1.5 – 1.5 ties if we can’t get the matches in. See the attached picture for the tale of the tape on the current scenarios: D1: -Still one final bottom 3 slot to be decided. -Match of the week: Meh, nothing of too much interest D2: -Still seven teams fighting to get in the top 3 or out of the bottom 3 -Match of the week: Aronimink (1st, 33 points) vs. Overbrook (2nd 32 points). Loser is at risk of finishing in 3rd place, which would require a win over the 10th place D1 team to be able to move up. D1 is the only division requiring the third place team in the Division below to win a challenge to move up . . . for some reason. -Prediction: Aronimink 2-1. D3: -Six teams still await their fate -Match of the week: Chester Valley (3rd Place, 29 pts) vs. Conestoga (4th place, 28 pts). Winner will control their destiny to move up to D2. -Prediction: Conestoga 2-1. It all comes down to Court 2. D4: -Still two top 3 slots available, bottom three already decided -Match of the week: 3rd Place Picket Post (24 points) vs. 4th Place Conestoga (4th, 23 points). If Picket Post gets three points they clinch moving up to D3. - Holy **** this one is going to be close. I am going with 2-1 Conestoga. Courts 1 and 2 will be the key. D5: -Only one top three and one bottom three slot still to be decided. -Match of the week: 3rd place Manufacturers (28 points) vs. 4th place Kennett (26 points). Kennett has two matches left, this is the last match for Manufacturers. If Manufacturer's wins, they will move up. If Kennett wins 2-1, it will all come down to their match against Overbrook next week. -Prediction: Manufacturers 2-1 D6: -Only one top three and one bottom three slot still to be decided. -Match of the week: Wilmington (8th 20 points) vs. Radnor Hunt (9th, 18 points). All Wilmington needs is two points to clinch staying in D6 next year. The loser will face a stressful final week. Prediction: Radnor Hunt 2-1 D7: -Amazingly all bottom six teams are at risk of moving down -Match of the week: Jesus, who knows. The whole damned Division is up for grabs. D8: -Five teams still could get pushed down to D9 -Match of the week: Ugh, this division is even worse. There are NINE teams with a chance to move up or down. I would imagine the league will be looking reallllly closely at the line ups for this one. D9: Regular season over. Welcome to D8 White Manor 1, and Manufacturers 5! Lehigh still has a double jump match left to determine whether they will play in D8 or D7 next year. Go to your corners and come out fighting!
Men’s Masters Recap
The polar vortex moved out of the Philly area just in time for our Masters to hit the courts bright and early and compete in the 45’s, 55’s and 60+. Although the cold might have shrunk the size of the draws this year, the level of play was well represented and numerous competitive matches could be found throughout the draws. Many thanks to Steve Hall and his team for putting together the event and serving not only Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner but a great favor as well as his team had to deal with ice on courts in each of the locations hosting the players that occurred overnight. The 45’s were represented by the usual teams but also welcomed some newcomers into the category. The team from Picket Post of Andrew Soule and Adam Gottfried took the first seed in their maiden voyage into the event. And much to everyone acknowledging that it was going to happen sooner than later, Vlatko “scrappy” Najdek became age eligible and he teamed up with Mark “Crappy” Ray in his first year in the 45’s. The two of them were reliving their dream tournament from many years ago when they took down the Nationally ranked team of Caldwell and Cordish when their landing gear on the private plane wouldn’t open at the Lehigh Valley Airport. The #2 seeds, were Ed Hughes and Keith Studnick and were looking for revenge after dropping 4 championship points in last years finals. Both Crappy and Scrappy and Studnick and Hughes had scares in their second-round matches as they both were taken deep into the third set to set up the semi-finals. In the first Semi-finals the #1 seed of Soule and Gottfried who had won 24 consecutive games in the tournament found themselves down 1 -4 and serving down 2 break points to Crappy and Scrappy. Through some divine miracle, they turned the tide and won 11 of the next 12 games and placing themselves in the finals. Studnick and Hughes took on Steve Gingrich and Bob Belser in a repeat match from last years quarter-finals. Gingrich and Belser were coming off their quarter-final victory over Joe Ferry and Brian Aguilar. Hughes and Studnick could not be denied their chance to win that one extra point in the finals as they stormed through a 1 and 0 victory over Gingrich and Belser. The final was match-up that everyone was looking forward to (except for crappy and scrappy) and the performances from both sides of the court did not disappoint the fans that stayed to watch during some amazing dinner that Steve Hall and his team had available to all as well as a couple of kegs flowing. Soule and Gottfried jumped out to a 5 – 2 lead in the first set but Studnick and Hughes was able to claw back and get to a tie-breaker. The first set tie-breaker also went back and forth and S&H were able to get to 5 all in the tie-breaker when S&G was able to close it out 7 -5. The second set was a repeat of the first with S&H having to come back from a deficit to force another tie-breaker only to lose this one 7-5 as well. Congrats to Soule and Gottfried as they are now the team to beat in the Men’s 45’s division and many predict we will see this team on top of the leaderboard for many years to come. The 55’ featured teams from all regions of the MAPTA community. It appears that Lonnie Adams and Joe Granahan picked up the #1 seed as they had a first round bye with only 7 teams entered into this years field. The two seeds were current National 60 and 65 champion Tim Brooke and Doc Goldberg. The #3 seeds were Mike Reckmeyer and Ron Pinsky. In what can only be called a slight or marginal upset, Pinsky and Reckmeyer defeated Brooke and Goldberg in straight sets setting up a final with the #1 seeds Adams and Granahan. In a closely played final, the Reckmeyer & Pinsky duo kept up their winning ways and took down the #1 seeds with a pair of sets 7 to 5. Congrats. The 60+ finals featured Ken Jones and Richard Turner dropping the first set before winning the next to sets to claim their championship over Brian McDevitt and Jim Ganley. Congrats to all the champions and hope everyone enjoyed their wine for their victory on a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon. Thanks again to Steve Hall and his wonderful team for pulling off another great event and Overbrook, Waynesborough and Aronimink for the use of their courts as well. The finals draws will all be available in website under tournaments in a few days as the work on some technical issues.
Team Points Weeks
Waynesborough 1 37 14/16
Wallingford 1 36 14/16
Picket Post 1 26 14/16
Philadelphia Cricket 1 24 14/16
Merion 1 22 14/16
Philadelphia Country 1 19 14/16
Bottom 6
Conestoga 1 26 14/16
Martins Dam 1 19 14/16
Radley Run 1 16 14/16
Huntingdon Valley 1 16 14/16
Concord 1 7 14/16
Wilmington 1 3 14/16

Super B/C

45/55/65 Nationals
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45/55/65 Nationals
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45/55/65 Nationals
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